Generate Insights

Clear Display

Realtime and historic data is displayed clearly and accessibly to drive ownership and transparency for performance across the enterprise. One of the biggest challenges with whiteboards is that every day, they are wiped off and data is lost or missed by people working remotely.

Recuring Issues

Our machine learning algorithms identify patterns and cluster down times, to show specific issues, helping you to rapidly compare small stops, repetative issues and major breakdowns in similar terms, across lines, teams and geographies.


Understand the holistic impact issues are having across the enterprise from the shop floor. For example, by integrating with an ERP system, waste can be displayed in monetry terms in real time. Or by integrating with a CRM system, production delays can be displayed in terms of customer impact and delivery performance for each account. These all come together to automatically generate and rank business cases for all of your improvement projects.

2019 Report: Disruption in Manufacturing

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